February 3rd & 4th, 2017
Miller Coliseum, Murfreesboro, TN

2017 List of Competitors

Friday Night

8000 Pro Stock Diesel Trucks
Justin Fulks - Smooth Character
Ben Braunecker - Cummin Atcha
Jimmy Hargett - Hookin for a Cure
Shawn Hugueley - Dixie Ram
Drew Kemp - Live it Up
Will Scruggs - Ol Red
Austin Hargett - Red Line Express
Mike Norman - All Nite Hooker
Andy Johnson
Blair Beyer - Late Nights
Scott Willoughby - Interstate Diesel
Richard Webb - Mayhem
9300 Super Farm
Burnace Vandergriff - Green Fever
David Spry
Jed Pettus - Dixie Deere
Charlie Ciolino - Case of the Reds
Greg Freeze - Deere Traxx
Ethan Weston - The Reaper 2
Andy Schwenk - Running Buckwild
Mary Ann Kerr - Still Spending Daddy's Money
Ricky Wilson - Red Rooster
Jeff Moore - Green Fever Too
Jerry Barrass - Pocket Change
Tommy Forsythe - Gunpowder and Lead
Super Stock
7000 Diesel / 6500 Alcohol
Henry Everman - Forced Decision
Kent Payne - Super Rooster
Jay Fuqua - Tennessee Tracks
Kevin Essary - Evening Thunder
Mike Sandefur - Farmboy's Fantasy
Kenneth Hale - Another Nite Trouble
Monica Shaw - Beauty and the Beast
Martin Daniel - On the Edge
Steve Smith - Bits and Pieces
Bill Bowman - 6210R
Scott Whitworth - Agri Logic White
Bernie Platz - Little Bad Allis
H. David Everman - Over Ruled
Jon Hancock - Relentless
Fred Roach - Little Blue
Clay Haney - Cujo Unleashed
Larry Phillips - Extremley Insane
Perry Dreckshage - Tunnel Vision
Greg Jones
Jody Wamble - Wampuscat
6000 Limited Lite Super Stock
Mark Filiatreau - Cancervive
Jamie Barger - Haywire
Bruce Baird - Ghost Rider
Melissa Prewitt - Double Dealing
Zach Patrick - Bloodline
Christopher Bowman - Deere Buster
Tim Fox - Under the Influence
Tom Haines
Nolan Robinson - Cracker Jack
Jeffery Dykes - Alcoholic Deere
Scott Thomas - Til the Money Runs Out
Lindsay Moore - Old Rags
Kenny Powell - Out 4 Revenge
Kevin Shingleton - Kentucky Gambler
John R. Anderson - Little Angry
David Burnett
Ryan Fulks - Walking Tall
David Chappell - Let it Ride
10,000 Hot Farm (Non-Cut Tires)
Tim Hornback - The Red Inferno
Jared Belt - Daggy's Deere
Jay Wehmiller
Hayden Thomas - Deere Hunter
Brian Swindle - Running Behind
Tyler Sandefur - Ole Grandad
Bill Clift
Nick Pickerell - Burnin' Cash
Lanny Hightaugh - Dixie Binder
Nick Wehr - Killin' Time
Sharon Markel - Nightlife
Channing Swindle - Runnin' Late
Nathan Hagar - Written - N- Red
Cody Heightchew - Troubles N Problems
Jordan Harris - Bull Headed Binder
Larry Stigers - Truck Man's Toy
Laramy Thomas - Wives Competition
Kenny Webb - Johny Reb
James Hayes - Daddy's Dreamer
Daniel Bugg - Horseplay
Brian Carrington - Endless Binder
Randy Simmons - One Bad Massey4

Saturday Mid-Day

8500 Pro Farm
Tyler McGowan - A Drop of Red
Byron Amburgey - Bad for Business
Mike Robbins - Fire in the Hole
Royce McGowan - The Instigator
Jared DeBuissaret - Hell Raiser II
Keith Race - Red Rattler
Wayne Tedder - Machine Shed Rocket
Julie Elpers - Jus' Blowin' Cash
Justin Massie - Old Red
Marvin Boggs - Red Rascal
Henry DeBuissaret - Hell Raiser
Kenny Maasberg - Get Away Deere
Troy Mason - Drive Me Crazy
Bubby Race - Perfect Storm
Justin Shireman - The Buzz
Jason Reffitt - Red Asset
Brian Rexing - Milk Money
Darren Bommer - I Got This
Brian Rexing - More Milk Money
6000 Limited Lite Super Stock
John Anderson - Covered in Red
Greg Jones - Xpress Binder
Bill Bowman - Deere Gone Wild
Brad Akridge - All Bout Money
Billy Dietrich - Shake - N - Bake
Brian Bently - Under Pressure
Floyd Shingleton - Semper Fi
Brian Miller - Case of Alcohalism
Lawrence Phillips - Lil Insane
Ron Mitchell
Ethan Moore - Kentucky Sled Hunter
Brad Powell - Cut Loose
Jason Coomer - Old Yerrer
Jerry Sipes - Family Driven
Aaron Prewitt
Lewis Connor - Boozen Binder
Larry Anderson - Grease Monkey
David Baehr - Big Blue
Steve Dye - Fence Row Fugitive
6200 Pro Stock Trucks
Jeff Sprowl - Bluegrass Shaker
Todd Taylor - Sawmill Express #2
Jerry McKinney - Code Blue
Ricky Wyatt - Rumor Has It
Luke Thomas - Blue's Back
Kole Wayne Allen - Red Rock
Tim Beaty - Sawmill Express
Brad Fowler - Eliminator
Al Durrence - Mr. Sparkle
Andrew Powell - Midnite Oil
Mervin Turner - No Fear
Jamie Kincaid - Unfinished Business
Brad Chamberlain - Barely Gettin' By
Lee Burkhalter - Buck Wild
Jim Corey
11000 Hot Farm (Cut Tire)
Jake Hinson
Kevin Stumler - The Mule Deere
Brandon Glenn - Buckwild
Cole George - Orange & Dangerous
David Guetersloh - Guetersloh Farms
Russell DeBerry - The Ridge Runner
Lewis McCrystal - Just Playin'
James Hunt - All In
Kevin Stumler - The Mule Deere 2 Xtreme
Sam Green - Satisfaction
9500 Limited Pro Stock
Anne Belle Bradley - Tennessee Red
Larry Steinman - Getaway Deere
Glenn Hale - Just Push Play
Connie Mullenix - Gopher
Christopher Couch - Pick'n & Ginnin'
Jerry Barrass - Glory Seeker II
Micheal Stewart - Canadian Mist III

Saturday Night

6000 Lite Hot Farm
Micheal Rost
Adam Wright - Dark Fired Express
Carson Taylor - Strong Minded
Jon Calvery - Big Jim
Jake Costelo - Lights Out


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