2008 Southern Invitational

8,000 lb Super Stock Diesel Truck Rules

1. Class weight will be at an 8,000 lb. Maximum. Weight includes driver.

2. No nitrous, propane, or alcohol - - #2 Diesel Only.

3. Water injection is permitted in this class.

4. Turbochargers – Limited to two stage configuration

5. Hanging weights allowed - - Weights must not extend more than 60” from centerline of front axle (weights must be secure).

6. 26” hitch height

7. Hitch hook point must not be less than 48” from centerline of rear axle. Minimum 3” dia. ring or clevis.

8. Hitch must not exceed a max. of 33 degree angle from pivot point to hook point.

9. Rigid suspension allowed.

10. Drop boxes, reversers allowed.

11. Snell 85 or better helmets required.

12. S.F.I. fire suits required.

13. No cast iron clutches or flywheels permitted.

14. S.F.I. bell housing blankets and/or S.F.I. blow-proof bell housings required.

15. All u-joints must be shielded 360 degrees with 3/8” thick aluminum or 5/16” thick steel. Shield will be 6 inches long minimum and centered on u-joint. Inside diameter of shield will be no more than 2 inches larger than u-joint.

16. All intermediate shafts between the transmission and transfer case will be totally enclosed in 3/8” aluminum or 5/16” steel, ¼ of shaft may be visible.

17. Fire extinquishers, helmets, and seatbelts required.

18. Exhaust must exit straight up, minimum of cab height, with (2) 3/8” bolts mounted in a cross pattern.

19. Air shut-off’s required at the rear of the truck to be operated by the sled, and also a control inside the driver’s compartment.

20. Axle shields are required. Shield to be .060” thickness steel or aluminum. Shield not to be mounted to axle ends or hub bolts. A hole may be cut in one to allow locking in of hubs.

21. Maximum tire height of 35”. Cut or sharpened tires allowed.

22. Maximum engine size will be 460 cubic inches.

23. Mechanical or electronic fuel injection permitted.

24. All engines will have a deflection shield running the complete length of the block casting. Shield must be securely fastened and must be .060” thick.

25. Engine must come factory in 1 ton or smaller pickup.

26. Tires and wheels must stay in the center of the wheel wells as intended by the manufacturer.