2008 Southern Invitational

9,500 lb. Hot Farm Rules

1.) Tractor must retain stock appearance and sheet metal stock location. Allow for updates.

2.) Deflection shield must be on both sides of the motor, and cover the entire motor, either
aluminum or steel, not less than 0.060 thick. Fire shield between torque tube and driver.

3.) Clutches must be covered with six buckle SFI safety blanket.

4.) Fenders or tire shields are required.

5.) Must have cross in outlet on turbo: two 3/8” bolts or rods no more than one inch apart.

Front weights must not extend more than 13 feet from the center of rear axle and 114”
maximum wheelbase.

7.) Tractors must have individual working rear brakes.

8.) Draw bar must be stationary and no higher than 20 inches and 18 inches from center of axle.

**All tractors must conform to one of these sets of rules and limitations**

9.) Cubic Inch: Ohio River Valley Pullers Association: 470 c.i.d. 3” by 4” turbochargers
Indiana Super Farm Pullers Association: 510 c.i.d. 3” by 3.5” turbochargers
Middle Tennessee Pullers Association: 540 c.i.d. 3” by 3” turbochargers
All other Super Farm Tractors: 466 c.i.d. 3” by 3” turbochargers

10.) Aluminum heads are not allowed; only 2 valves per cylinder.

Stock fuel for make and model of tractor (no compressed air, nitrous oxide or fuel
conversions, no propane, or nitro-methane allowed) with exception of starting aid.

Maximum tire size: 20.8 x 38 cut or uncut: Ohio River Valley Tractor Pullers
Indiana Super Farm Pullers
Middle Tennessee Pullers Association
24.5 x 32: Nebraska Tractor Pullers Association

13.) Fuel pump - any pump, maximum P-pump

14.) Water injection allowed.

15.) OEM intakes and exhaust manifolds only; no homemade manifolds.

16.) All tractors must have wheelie bars, air shut off, and spring loaded throttle stop.

17.) All tractors must have a Rollcage or ROPS, with a five point harness or seat belt.

18.) ORVTPA tractors: Single turbo of a size not to exceed a 3-inch diameter, measured at front
face of wheel, with one single air inlet with on additional openings in compressor housing
outside 3” inlet. Compressor wheel must enter into the compressor housing. MAF
enhancement allowed.

22). All tractors must have steel fly-wheel and steel pressure plate, with certification papers.

23). No component tractors allowed.

24). No inter-coolers or after-coolers allowed.